Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Just a quick update, and a question!

First, I'd like to thank everyone for the comments on the cards I posted last time! I was especially happy to see some people describe them as exactly what I was going for. I've also acquired a little statcounter from AtlastQuest to put on the main page of this blog to keep track of my finds and whatnot.

We managed to wrangle a little time here and there to snag a couple more boxes, but over the weekend had the disappointing honor of not actually finding the box we were looking for. It was posted in a public park, so it's possible the box may have been found and removed by a nonletterboxer, or that it may have been washed out of its hiding spot by the heavy rain we had Thanksgiving weekend. In either event, I still need to contact the box's owner and see if it was a matter of the thing disappearing or a matter of us just not looking hard enough.

I tried to make use of the mobile blogging I mentioned in an earlier post to share some photos of the railway bridge that was one of our landmarks, but I couldn't get it to work; it just kept giving me an invalid number sort of message. I tried it as both text and numbers (bloggr/256447) but it wouldn't go through, so I ended up emailing them to share today. Any thoughts? I use an iPhone, and Blogspot's information page says that I should still be able to post with SMS instead of MMS; I certainly didn't have any trouble registering my phone.


  1. never tried mobile blogging, but good luck!

  2. No idea why the mobile blogging didn't work, did they get saved as drafts? Sorry I can't be of more help.

    On a positive note, these are two great shots! It looks like it was a nice location, even if you didn't find the box this time.

  3. Hmm, I never tried blogging by phone, I mainly use my phone just as a phone or texter, nothign else, so no help there. :(

    I really like those pictures of the bridge though! From the distance, it almost looks liek the bridge has panting on the side or something. Probably not, but it's what I first saw when looking. :)

  4. I've tried moblogging once and it's really a pain to set up and troubleshoot if there's an error. It might be easier to just blog via email on a smartphone x_X

  5. I don't really understand mobile blogging since I've never done it myself... but those are nice pictures :) Sorry I wasn't much help!

  6. @focusing; nah, no drafts, it wouldn't even send to blogger.

    @Tal Zahn; thanks! Actually, the whole thing does have a lot of faded graffiti, so it might be that you're seeing some of that.

    @Ada; That's what I was afraid of, blah. I'll try the post-by-email next time.

    And thanks anyway, Butters. XD

  7. Did you ever find anything foul planted by a prankster?

  8. @JRam - Nope, not yet! I've only got about five finds under my belt so far though, so there's plenty more opportunity for crazy stuff to go down.