Friday, April 15, 2011

Hey, do you crochet?

I know there's a few crafty types keeping on eye on me here, I just wanted to share the Etsy shop of a lady that has some awesome cute amigurumi and other patterns, as well as finished plushes shops of a couple of nifty ladies that crochet and provide crochet patterns. I can't crochet to save my life, but I thought it may be of interest to someone else!

Go visit Voodoo Maggie! Here are some of my favorites: the yeti, the baby bats (omfg so cute), and an anatomical heart which also comes in black! She also has some some really neat more normal stuff; whales, foxes, bunnies and monkeys and a handy tote bag pattern as well.

The other shop is StephanieMakesAll, which is a pretty apt title! There's household goods and wearables, and she branches off into journal making and some other nifty stuff too. Here's some of my crochet picks from her shop; I really dig the lacework in that top, it makes me want to try some more open patterns.

 And this last one admittedly just made me think of this: Liszt and Chopin. But they're cute! Look at that scallopy pattern!


  1. oh cool! thanks for the inclusion in your post!

  2. Awesome post, thanks for putting up my shop! I'm following your blog now too :)

  3. Cool knitting my girlfriends knitts but nothing at these lvs

  4. sweet post haha your a really good knitter! followed!

  5. the heart piece is really adorable!