Friday, August 9, 2013

The Mothman

A while back, I wanted ideas for a series of linocuts to carve, and horror won, and I feel as I never quite followed through on that, despite the huge "list of art ideas" hanging out on my phone. Above you'll see my initial sketch for the second of these, based on the story of the Mothman. If you'd like to purchase a hand-pulled print, they're available on Etsy. Here's a scan of one of the completed prints--the red paint I used as a background is really rich and transparent at the same time, and doesn't like to be scanned very well:

In September 2012, I actually went to the Mothman Festival in Point Pleasant, WV and had an absolute blast! Here's some photos from that particular adventure--by which time my Canon crapped out, so all of these are taken with an iPhone 4S, accompanied by the Olloclip in some cases. Under the jump!

Going over the Silver Bridge, through the T-tops of our buddy's car.

The historic state theater. We listened to several lectures in the unairconditioned dark here, including discussions on UFOs, MK Ultra, and banshees.

MIB--and nerds in other costumes--were crawling all over the midway area.
Mothman sculpture in the middle of town, facing the waterfront, by Bob Roach.

Instagram of the Lowe Hotel sign. It supposedly haunted. I very much doubt it, but it's a beautiful building to take a tour through, with lots of the original glasswork and fixtures.

Series of murals depicting the early history of the region down by the riverfront.

Sculpture of Mad Anne Bailey by Bob Roach.

Chief Cornstalk (his curse is supposed to be what started the supernatural troubles in Point Pleasant) and Gen. Andrew Lewis, by Bob Roach.

Battle of Point Pleasant monument in Tu Endie Wei state park.

Close up of the figure on the monument.

Chief Cornstalk's monument, as I was being stalked by someone's hyperactive kid with a water pistol.

Closeup of the piano in the Mansion House in Tu Endie Wei.

I've got lots of sketches in the work and hope to share them soon, but I'll probably have more in the way of letterboxing trips and photos before I'm ready to share those.

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