Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Extemporaenously Kate! :O

Of Extemporaneously Kate, since comment button on her blog seems to be broken. GIRL, GET YOU SOME OF THESE: Knifty Knitter Looms. I sucked at needle knitting too, but I picked these up and they're super easy to work with. Granted, the only things I've made so far have been dishcloths and scarves, but I've found several books with all kinds of patterns for things like hooded vests and jumpers, and how to work all sorts of different stitching, and I've also read that you can pretty much adapt any standard knitting project to a loom. If you don't like plastic, I've seen wooden knitting looms and wooden ones with metal teeth, too, but those are a little more pricey. I made some scarves for my nephews and niece for Christmas; they all look pretty samey and they're really the first pieces I've done so they're not perfect, but you can see now nice and even the stitching comes out. Someone get her ass over here, I'm dumb and can't find contact info on her page.


  1. LOL Ada and I have tried telling her her comment system doesn't work via post as well, but either she didn't read our posts or she doesn't feel like fixing her layout lol.

  2. ;_; we did try to tell her ;_;