Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cornhenge and Indian Run Falls

 If you live in Central Ohio, chances are you probably know the exact place I am talking about when you read the word "cornhenge," even though that isn't its actual name. (It's actually Field of Corn.) I sure as heck knew where it was, as I have probably driven past this weird art installation/monument a thousand times in my life. For those of you lucky enough to not be stuck in Ohio, I took some photos both of the Field of Corn installation and the scenic nearby Indian Run Falls, which I had no idea existed. I thought the sights of these two were pretty cool, but we also picked up Spirit Stone Frog's "Haunted Heather Glen," CrazyGirlz's "Happy St. Patrick's Day" at another Dublin landmark, and jeeves' "Go! Fight! Win!" Photos after the jump!

The letterbox titled Cornhenge was planted by Sunday Morning--a very avid and active letterboxer, as we seem to run into her signature stamp in the logbooks of many of our finds!

Yeah, it's kind of huge. The funny part is that, as a reminder of the area's agricultural roots, this is all located alongside a corporate park. There are a couple of pedestals in the ground with notes about the man that Frantz Road (seen here) is named after and his contributions to the corn hybridization project at OSU.

Just for a frame of reference, each of these ears of corn is about six feet tall.

 These next photos are from Indian Run Falls, which is tucked back into a little park that I didn't know was there, probably about a ten minute or less drive from Field of Corn. We were after Walkabout's Blue Bird box here, but stayed for quite a while to walk around the falls (and watch teenagers making out from the observation deck.)

There's several observation decks and a big bridge to overlook the falls from, but you can follow a trail down and wade in the water, too. It's really quite a sight, the light takes on that greenish quality when you get down under the trees.

That's all for now! We've got a return trip planned to get the Riverbox series planted by the Dublin Arts Council. My mom's actually going to come down sometime to do some research at Greenlawn Cemetery too, so we'll probably have a group outing!

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