Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bad and Good

Lots to talk about that has kept me generally away from the internet: there was a stroke in the family, things are not looking good. The car I had for two months blew something in the engine, and apparently the same engine is used in some little racecar, so used parts are in high demand and hard to come by. My roadside assistance left me sitting on the side of a highway for a little over five hours--naturally this caused me to miss a whole day of work--because the first vendor they sent couldn't find me and didn't bother to call to clarify my location, and another one had a shift change of some kind and never even entered my order into their system, so I didn't know that nobody was coming for me until the hour and half timeframe they were supposed to show up in had passed. It was nothing short of magical. I then got to spend my two days off from the day job in which I should have been working on art kicking tires.

On the plus side, I now own the nicest car I've ever had, and got a good deal on it. It's a bit of a mom-mobile, and a bit more boatlike than I am used to driving, but everything in it actually works and the body's in good condition, which is something I've never had before.

I have an interview with the Curious Crow in a couple of weeks! I have a series of six stamps to plant, with one left to carve! I also now have my own YouTube channel. After screwing around with Windows Movie Maker for a bit, I cobbled together some brief footage of our trip to Indian Run back in June. Some constructive criticism would be much appreciated. (PS, there's links hidden in there.)

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