Friday, August 12, 2011

Suddenly, cats. Thousands of them.

The new DA and the new Etsy page are now officially up and running. There's a few items left in my old mpatrick shop on Etsy, but I have most of my expired listings redrafted and ready to go on Tencrowns.

In other news, the chaos that swirls around my life has struck again--a couple that I'm friends with had their apartment building catch fire the other day. They're staying with us until they can get the deposit money saved up for a new place, having brought along their two cats and a kitten that was found in an unoccupied unit of their building. (The firefighters asked them if they knew who it belonged to, and they weren't sure, so they took him anyway.) So there are currently four cats at home alone with me as I am trying to work and they would all like my attention. On the whole though, I think it's a positive change--they only had smoke damage, so their stuff was safe though smelly, and they'd had a number of bad experiences with both their neighbors and the management. I'll be very happy to see them in a safer neighborhood.

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