Monday, August 22, 2011

Curious Crow Interview + Comments

ETA: Idiorhythmic's Shop For all you lovely lolitas and alternative fashion lovers, there is a seller on Etsy who is trying to raise the funds to save her home and hopefully prevent an ugly custody battle. She's been in the dealer rooms of many conventions in the Midwest, so chances are you may have seen her work before! In any event, many of her waist cinchers and corsets have been marked down in price by $40-60 dollars, which is a great discount and a great chance to help someone in need. She also has a ton of cute and affordable wallets and bags, scarves and bustles!

(Now back to your post already in progress.)

I got a heads up from Butters at Super Shiny Jelly that folks were unable to comment on my blog. Changed the layout from a third party back to a native Blogger skin, so give me a shout out if you can so I know it's working!

I recently had my interview with the Curious Crow, and I worked like mad to get everything moved over to the new shop for it. I also had several relatives and friends that gamely volunteered to model for jewelry pieces. Honestly, I think my shop is looking better than ever--my inventory is at an all time high, my photography skills have improved dramatically, and just having a better camera helps, too. I even finished a new collage/multimedia piece that I'm very pleased with. It's a portrait of Ada Lovelace, which you can see after the jump. There are some detail shots on the Etsy listing too, so you can read more of the text and see the glitter and gold shimmer.

Apart from that, I have a couple of fun new projects I'm starting and will hopefully have a tutorial video on making fabric flowers up soon that I think you lolitas will love. I've been playing around with Windows Movie Maker, and while the basic and limited nature of it as a tool is frustrating, it's my first try at editing, so baby steps I guess.

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  1. Oooh it's working now!! *_*

    Your work is so lovely. I love the gold and the flowers.